Mihkel Zilmer is a composer and orchestrator for film, TV and video games. His main musical focus is orchestral music, both in its pure form but also in combination with electronic and experimental elements. In addition, Mihkel writes music in numerous genres ranging from jazz to electronic music, for both small and large ensembles.

Born in Tartu, Estonia, Mihkel received training in piano, classical guitar and classical singing in his youth, performing regularly both in various music groups and as a soloist. From 2005 to 2009, Mihkel studied composition and classical singing at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. During his time in Scotland, Mihkel’s focus shifted from composing contemporary concert music to writing for film. In 2009 Mihkel moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, enrolling at the Conservatory of Amsterdam for a Master’s Degree in Composing for Film – a course taught in co-operation with the Netherlands Film and Television Academy – from which he graduated in 2011.

Currently, Mihkel is working as a freelance composer in Amsterdam. His music can be heard mostly in European film and TV: in Dutch, English, Irish, Finnish and Estonian productions. He has written music for more than 60 projects, including several award-winning documentaries (Burden of Peace, Alles Is Gezegd, Volgens Protocol, Destiny) and award-winning and nominated fiction films (Sky High, Arts, Ode aan jou).